Hunter, Pelosi, Swalwell, Omar – pick a scandal

The crime of the century began in US newsrooms. The media are the villains, guilty of fixing an election as never before in US history.Op-ed

Jack Engelhard ,

Joe and Hunter Biden
Joe and Hunter Biden
REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Let’s pretend you’re the editor of a major American newspaper and one day find yourself swamped with four stories, each worthy of a stop-the-presses headline.

Can’t run them all…not all at once. You’ll need your nose-for-news to feature which scandal tops them all as being most despicable.

Let’s pretend further that you are an honest and fearless journalist, which mathematically puts you in the
Let’s pretend that you are an honest and fearless journalist, which mathematically puts you in the one percent category. Pretty near one-of-a-kind.
one percent category. Pretty near one-of-a-kind.

But as we said…fearless…and here she comes again, Ilhan Omar (D-MN), always with a story…a who’s who between husband and brother…and this time a real whopper.

Then of course those insinuations of hers that Jews are money-hungry when, of all people, we read that when it comes to money, no one scoops it off the table as smoothly as she does.

She can smell a “Benjamin” a mile away.

Ilhan Omar

I am not good with math, nor with money, so I rely on the New York Post to explain how it works with her, this money-grubbing cookie from Somalia who learned awfully fast how to game the American Enterprise system…and how to spread even stimulus money, intended for needy Americans…among family.

That would definitely be my top story. How about this for a headline? – “From dirt poor, to filthy rich.”

However, within hours, along comes the story that tells how Hunter Biden, son of Joe, is under federal investigation for tax fraud related to his “overseas business.”

What business? Don’t ask. The media certainly didn’t. Word of the shenanigans could have spoiled it for Joe and kept Trump in the White House another four years.

There is also a grand jury looking into Hunter’s “business”…specifically as tied to China…and, just a guess, as tied to Joe, Hunter’s dear old dad.

But now Hunter’s follies are trickling out and what looks bad for Hunter could look worse for Joe, the man who would be president…but already under a cloud.

If you ask me, that is the topper.

But wait. Does the name Eric Swalwell ring a ball…the same bell that tolls for Adam Schiff? Not yet for Schiff, but Karma has found Swalwell.

Swalwell (D-CA) was the congressman who, high on smugness, never missed a chance to accuse President Trump of being a spy for Russia.

He was dead wrong on Trump, of course, but when it comes to spies, Swalwell should know. He’s been caught dallying with an alleged Chinese spy.

We don’t know what sweet nothings were whispered and exchanged, but for sure he is a compromised member of the House, and of the House Intelligence Committee.

Not Foreign Relations?

Anyway, that…Swalwell… should surely be the boldfaced banner.

However, Nancy Pelosi pretty much said “Let them eat cake” when she admitted that she sat on a stimulus package intended for starving Americans…because it might help Donald Trump.

Steny Hoyer, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer

That is as low as it gets…except…

As we suggested in this column, a day too early, the entire election could have gone the other way if voters had been told about any of these wrongdoings…mainly the Biden scandal.

But the media suppressed the story. The media are the villains over and above all the rest…guilty of colluding and fixing an election as never before in American history.

In a perfect world, every single editor and reporter who had a hand in this would stand trial and punishment for the crime of duping the American people. (The factual full story in this thriller.)

The crime of the century began in this nation’s newsrooms…with no end in sight.

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