New congresswoman vows to hold onto her Glock at Capitol Hill

Congresswoman from Rifle, Colorado announces plans to bring her handgun with her to Washington DC - drawing rebuke from local police chief.

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Lauren Boebert
Lauren Boebert
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A new congresswoman from Colorado has announced plans to carry her handgun with her at all times – a plan which is drawing fire from the chief of police in Washington DC.

Lauren Boebert, a 34-year-old from Rifle, Colorado, was elected last November to represent Colorado’s third congressional district, a Republican-leaning district spanning most of western Colorado.

On Sunday, Boebert announced plans to carry her Glock in Washington – and even in Congress.

“I will carry my firearms in DC and in Congress,” Boebert said.

Police Chief Robert Contee, however, shot the idea down, telling reporters that Boebert will be “subjected to the same penalties as anyone else caught on a District of Columbia street carrying a firearm unlawfully.”

Thus far, an aide told Reuters, Boebert has not carried her firearm with her on Capitol Hill.

But Boebert remains defiant, reiterating her plans Monday to carry her gun with her, even to Congress.

"I am my best security,” she said.

Let me tell you why I WILL carry my Glock to Congress. Government does NOT get to tell me or my constituents how we are allowed to keep our families safe. I promise to always stand strong for our 2nd Amendment rights,” the congresswoman tweeted.

Boebert’s aide said the congresswoman is working with other representatives to change the House rules to allow members to remain armed.