Meretz approves Knesset slate

Slate includes Arab woman in #4 spot on the slate and two Arab candidates in the top five.

Hezki Baruch ,

Meretz members
Meretz members
Elad Malka

The Meretz Central Committee on Wednesday evening approved by a 79% majority that Meretz chairman MK Nitzan Horowitz will continue in his position and approved the party’s slate of candidates for the Knesset elections.

According to the temporary order approved at the Central Committee, this is the Meretz slate for the 24th Knesset:

1. MK Nitzan Horowitz

2. MK Tamar Zandberg

3. MK Yair Golan

4. Jida Rinawi-Zoabi

5. Issawi Frej

6. Mossi Raz

7. Michal Rozin

8. Gaby Lasky

9. Ali Salalha

The appointment of Rinawi-Zoabi on the slate is part of Meretz’s effort to attract Arab voters, and ensures that two Arab candidates are represented in the top five on the slate.

Horowitz said that "Meretz will be a decisive factor in the political process after the election. Meretz is the only party that presents a Jewish-Arab partnership and gender equality on its slate for the Knesset. I am happy and proud of the placement of Jida Rinawi-Zoabi, a new candidate, in the fourth spot on the slate."

"We see new atmospheric parties emerging with no clear ideological identity, and in the end may sit with Netanyahu. At the same time, we see people who a moment ago sat in the government of the defendant from Balfour jumping into the opposition and being greeted with a red carpet by Lapid and Huldai. With us it will not happen, for us all these people are a disgrace.”

"Meretz has always paved the way, ahead of other parties, leading historical processes of change. In this spirit, Jida Rinawi-Zoabi, a top social activist in Arab society, joins Meretz. This list is the only one in this election with full gender equality, a historic Jewish-Arab partnership, and new faces," Horowitz added.