Sa'ar: Netanyahu will not be a minister in my government

New Hope chairman not ruling out a coalition with Likud, but says Netanyahu will not serve as a minister in such a government.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Gideon Sa'ar
Gideon Sa'ar
Oded Karni

New Hope party chairman Gideon Sa’ar told Kan 11 News in an interview on Saturday night that he does not rule out forming a government with the Likud headed by Binyamin Netanyahu, but it will be one in which Netanyahu will not serve as minister.

"He has become totally unrestrained, it is a national duty to remove him from power," Sa’ar said of Netanyahu.

On the possibility of cooperating with the Likud, he explained, "God forbid, I am not disqualifying the Likud. Netanyahu cannot serve as a minister because an indictment has been filed against him. I will not change, unlike Netanyahu, any law or enact personal legislation to serve a personal interest."

Sa’ar also attacked Netanyahu over his courting of Arab voters in the current election campaign, saying, "What a lack of restraint and cynicism. There has been a terrible failure in dealing with violence in Arab society. For 12 years they did not collect illegal weapons, opposed my bill for minimum sentences for arms dealers, did not declare war on the criminal organizations. Now suddenly the election comes and they have discovered this issue. It indicates that this is a person without borders and without restraints, who can be judged only by his personal interests.”

On a possible cooperation with Yesh chairman Atid Yair Lapid, Sa’ar said, "In principle, we understand that in order to replace the government we will have to cooperate with people and forces despite gaps in our worldviews. But we will know how to bridge the gaps for our goals. I do not rule out [cooperation with Lapid]. We will work to bridge the gaps in order to replace the government with a government under my leadership."

"Everyone knows and understands that Lapid cannot replace the government. He has tried five times. We are already leading and are bigger than the other parties," Sa’ar added.

The Likud responded by saying, "Gideon Sa’ar has linked his fate to Lapid and the other left-wing parties and he cannot form a government without them. Only Prime Minister Netanyahu, who brings millions of vaccines and takes Israel out of the coronavirus crisis, can form a full right-wing government."