Likud, Blue and White clash over lockdown fines, extension

Blue and White and Likud spar over the issue of when and how to close institutions flouting public health guidelines.

Shlomo Witty ,

מיקי זוהר
מיקי זוהר
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Channel 13 reports that in the context of discussions on the law to close educational institutions that violate public health guidelines, an argument erupted between Blue and White and Likud coalition chairman Miki Zohar.

Zohar attacked Blue and White, saying, ”They refuse any attempt at compromise on the matter of fines. They will endanger the entire country for their campaign. Likud insists on a clear law that will include heavy fines that will be imposed by a police officer on educational institutions that are opened in violation of the guidelines, and even administrative closure orders if necessary after the fine is issued." It should be noted that the Likud sought to soften the wording of the law and, in fact, agreed to issue a closure order to an educational institution only after two fines over 30 days and only under the authority of a deputy lieutenant.

Blue and White said in reply: "The Likud insists on deals and life-threatening concessions, we insist on equal enforcement. We will not allow for there to be a fake lockdown. The same law applies in Bnei Brak and Herzliya."

Yesterday, the chairman of the coalition in the Constitution Committee asked for a compromise in which institutions would be closed only after a certain number of fines. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu promised the day before that the law would be passed immediately, but only if several conditions had been met.

"You want to completely remove the issue of closing the institutions, which we cannot allow," Zohar told the committee. "I propose a compromise: closure will be only after a number of fines. This may allow us to achieve the purpose of the law as well, and we will not reach a situation where Haredi institutions say we are trying to close down Torah study.”