When did the Palestinian Arabs become the good guys?

It is noted that you quote the Bible frequently, Mr. Biden, so you know to whom the Promised Land was given. Op-ed.

Jack Engelhard ,

Man reading Bible (stock)
Man reading Bible (stock)

Picking those people as your home team is like rooting for the Miller Gang against Gary Cooper in “High Noon.”

Israel is Gary Cooper. That’s a pure fact to people who understand that the world is made up of two sorts, good guys and bad guys. Woe to him who gets them mixed up, Mr. Biden.

Of bad guys, in most books, like this one, the Grand Mufti of the 1930s/40s shared secrets with Hitler on how best to murder the Jews, and out of that grew the fiction of a “Palestinian People.”

That’s the side you choose?

Did they stop drowning puppies and kittens for sport?

Have they quit the business of slaying Jews for profit?

On what merits did they become so attractive?

Of the Hitler/Mufti tag-team, it’s even in the movie “Exodus,” which was written by Dalton Trumbo, from Leon Uris’s book, and Trumbo was no particular friend of Israel. Uris was.

The truth had to be told, even from a reluctant screenwriter, a good man, whose heart and typewriter were always with the oppressed, though sometimes he forgot which was which.

Typical of socialists and communists.

The “Exodus” movie came out in 1960. President John F. Kennedy saw it and said he liked it very much. He approved of the historical accuracy from both the book and the film.

The Jews were the heroes. There was no confusion about this. Not for JFK. What happened to you, Mr. Biden?

What happened to you and your Party, that within a generation lost the means to tell right from wrong, the sacred from the profane, heroes from villains?
What happened to you and your Party, that within a generation lost the means to tell right from wrong, the sacred from the profane, heroes from villains?

Back then…once upon a time…Democrats were good guys.

Truman did right, and JFK consistently reaffirmed America’s special relationship with the Jewish State.

Like you, he was Catholic. Our first as president. You are the second, and The New York Times named you our most religious president ever.

It is noted that you quote the Bible frequently.

Then you know that the Hebrews are the stars and the heroes of the Bible and that the Promised Land was promised to them alone.

Those weren’t the Palestinians who received The Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai, first because they wouldn’t know what to do with them, and second because there were no Palestinians then. Nor are there any today, except as a collection of people from different tribes and countries who gave themselves that name, around 1964…months later than the Beatles.

They’ve been nothing but trouble ever since, and not just for the Israelis. During the 1970s and 1980s, under Arafat, they turned their attention to Jordan and Lebanon.

After a thousand acts of terrorism…brother against brother, they left both places in shambles.

But their terrorism was always global, and the Munich Olympics Massacre is just one example of their blood-thirsty reach.

Over the decades the Israelis have made miles of concessions to them, in order to make peace with them, but so far as terrorism, they can’t seem to kick the habit.

Their school books glorify murder. So it goes from one generation to the next…which is why Trump tucked them safely away.

Now you bring them back front and center, while you stiff-arm the Israelis, the good guys since Abraham, Moses and King David.

What Bible are you reading?

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