Yisrael Katz: 'There's no propaganda here, we want to help the economy'

'The economic aid plan is to help restart the economy, we can't wait for elections,' Finance Minister Katz says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Yisrael Katz
Yisrael Katz
Eliran Aharon

Finance Minister Yisrael Katz (Likud) expressed amazement at the Blue and White party and the legal system, which are both making it difficult to pass the economic aid plan initiated by himself and Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to help Israelis weather the coronavirus pandemic.

"I told [Defense Minister] Benny Gantz (Blue and White) yesterday that I object to defining it as 'election bribes,'" Katz told Kan Bet. "This plan is a continuation of things we have done in the past. We can't wait because of elections."

"To the legal system, I say that it cannot be above the decisions of the statesmen and the government. The legal system needs to see that there is no section here that is propaganda, and there is no section like that here at all."

Speaking to Galei Zahal, he said: "I have had contact with Gantz's men. Today I will meet ministers Peretz and Farkash-Hacohen. Until now, I have managed to pass widescale plans unanimously in the Knesset, and now as well we cannot stop this in the government."

According to him, even the legal system did not intend to ban aiding Israel's citizens.

"The Attorney General sent a general letter - he never defined any prohibition," Katz explained. "We're talking about a plan whose purpose is to help restart the economy."

Katz also confirmed that Israel intends to purchase additional doses of coronavirus vaccines, in light of the possibility that Israelis will need to re-vaccinate next year.

"We are intending a very widescale operation to purchase tens of millions more doses of vaccine," he said.