Netanyahu launches election campaign: Has anyone seen Lapid?

Prime Minister attacks Yesh Atid chairman at opening of Likud's election campaign: Lapid is hiding.

Hezki Baruch ,

Netanyahu at Likud conference
Netanyahu at Likud conference

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke on Wednesday evening at the opening conference of the Likud's election campaign, warning that “We will get Yair Lapid as Prime Minister or a rotation between candidates, like kitchen duty.”

"If we do not form a government, Lapid will form a government. There is no other option. Has anyone seen Yair Lapid recently? He is hiding because he does not want you to know that the question is who will be the next Prime Minister of Israel. If you vote for Bennett or Gideon [Sa’ar], you will transfer votes to the left and to Lapid and [Merav] Michaeli. After the masks are taken off, it will be a close battle between a stable right-wing government and those who give their votes to Lapid."

He continued to attack the Yesh Atid chairman and said, “When Lapid gives up, I am already in the middle of taking action. When Lapid raises his hands in surrender, I begin to roll up my sleeves. The [local] media talks about failures every evening while the global media reports on the miracle that is happening in the State of Israel."

Netanyahu also responded to the attempts to halt his economic plan from being implemented. "We are facing a scandal in which politicians and legal advisers are preventing us from bringing economic aid. They are telling me it is part of the election campaign. If I fail to approve the plan before the election, I will bring economic aid the day after the election. I will bring Israel's economy to first place in the world."

The Prime Minister also commented on the threats from Iran. "Who will stop Iran from arming itself with bombs? These months will be crucial on the issue of Iran. As long as I am the Prime Minister of Israel, Iran will have no nuclear weapons. We will stand up to the entire world and continue to do everything that is necessary to protect the citizens of Israel from threats of extermination."

He also pointed to the issue of peace. "Lapid said that 80,000 settlers should be evacuated. I act according to the opposite view. Instead of peace for land, I brought peace for peace. I am in the midst of further contacts with Arab leaders. These are contacts that also affect Israeli Arabs."

"We are bringing a new era to the Arabs of Israel and I call on them to be a part of this miracle of the State of Israel. Who will bring you vaccines? Who will lead to peace? Who will fight the court in The Hague? Lapid has closed deals with Bennett and Gideon and maybe also with [Avigdor] Liberman for a government that will create chaos and paralysis."