Gantz demands Netanyahu retract calls for protest

Blue and White's leader warns against 'Israel's own Capitol riots'.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

נתניהו וליאון בבית הקפה
נתניהו וליאון בבית הקפה
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Defense Minister and Minister of Justice Benny Gantz responded this afternoon (Sunday) to remarks made by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu during a visit to Ben Sagar Cafe in Jerusalem.

Netanyahu accused the Attorney General of blocking a business assistance program and even called on business owners to demonstrate in front of the Ministry of Justice building on Saladin Street in the east of the city.

Gantz responded: ''This is a lie. Just last Thursday you passed a partial draft of the bill to the Attorney General who is working on it right now, after a month of refusing to pass it. Your call for the public to march on the Ministry of Justice is dangerous and bordering on incitement. I urge you to retract your remarks immediately. If Israel experiences a scene like the United States Capitol riots, there will be blood on your hands.”

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon opened the morning (Sunday) with coffee and cake at Gan Sipur Cafe in order to promote Jerusalem businesses.

The mayor of Jerusalem, Moshe Leon, said, "I call on all Jerusalemites to go out and cheer on business owners these days and, of course, to continue to get vaccinated.”

A statement from Blue and White said: "Today Netanyahu crossed another red line in incitement against the justice system and called on his supporters to go up to the Ministry of Justice, all on a false and unfounded claim. Only a strong Blue and White will prevent Netanyahu from carrying out his plot to reject justice. The nation must either choose a strong Benny Gantz or live with Netanyahu forever.”