Clashes at Gideon Sa'ar's conference

Likud activists arrive at New Hope party conference attended by leader Gideon Sa'ar, clash with participants.

Hezki Baruch ,

Clashes at Gideon Sa'ar's conference
Clashes at Gideon Sa'ar's conference

Activists from the New Hope party claim that they were attacked on Saturday night by Likud activists during a New Hope conference held in Moshav Azaria in the Shephelah region.

One of the activists fainted and was taken to the hospital by ambulance. Police tightened security around New Hope leader Gideon Sa’ar.

Deputy Lod Mayor Netanel Izak wrote on Facebook, "I was at Gideon Sa’ar's conference tonight. I saw everything up close. The bullies that Netanyahu sent came with one goal: to physically harm the audience that came to hear Sa’ar."

“They threw glass bottles, rocks and eggs at us. They also threw firecrackers. They cursed and called Sa’ar a traitor. They had madness in their eyes. They brought vehicles with huge speakers and blocked the roads so that Gideon's supporters could not reach the area. Only when a few policemen arrived did they move back. It was just shocking. Bibi, you have no limit? Sending thugs to beat supporters of a political opponent? How far will we go?"

Sa’ar said in response, "Serious things happened here tonight, one of our activists who came here was injured and fainted. This whole thing was an attempt to disrupt a conference of another political movement using loud noise and violence.”

“When I came here, all kinds of paid children hurled insults and screams at me and I thought to myself: How old were they when, after the split in 2005, I held the Likud movement together during the difficult years in the opposition? How much do they know about the legacy of the movement? About what this movement was about in the past, because something very sad happened to it today. Tonight we got a glimpse of what awaits us as a country if Netanyahu remains Prime Minister after the next election."