Meretz MK: We won't support Netanyahu for president

MK Nitzan Horowitz urges leaders of 'bloc for change' to begin coalition negotiations immediately, says PM Netanyahu 'endangers' Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Nitzan Horowitz
Nitzan Horowitz

MK Nitzan Horowitz, who chairs the leftist Meretz party, on Monday said that his party will oppose an agreement proposed to elect Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu as Israel's next president, effectively granting him immunity from trial.

At a party meeting, Horowitz said: "We have no faith in Netanyahu as prime minister and as a person who must make decisions which affect Israel's future. Netanyahu, because of his personal and legal interests, has crossed all red lines, and the continuation of his term endangers Israel."

"He harms Israel with his crooked management of things with the US. His pressure to ruin the nuclear deal with Iran harmed Israel and advanced an Iranian bomb - and now we have lost the ambiguity in our struggle with Iran.

"The real danger is that he will use national interests to advance his personal and political interests," Horowitz claimed.

"I call on all the party leaders in the 'bloc for change' to wake up and immediately begin negotiations for the formation of an alternative government. Every day, every hour, is important. Because every minute we leave Netanyahu in his seat is damaging to Israel."