MK Esawi Frej slams MK Naftali Bennett: 'He doesn't have the guts to be PM'

Meretz party's MK Frej says MK Bennett 'doesn't have the courage' to be PM, government of change will bring 'painful compromises.'

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Esawi Frej
Esawi Frej
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MK Esawi Frej (Meretz) spoke Tuesday with 103 FM Radio, criticizing the newly-formed Special Committee for Arab Society and Yamina Chairman MK Naftali Bennett.

He also said that the idea of forming a "government of change" is "an imaginary issue at the moment."

Referring to the new committee, which is headed by United Arab List (Ra'am) chief MK Mansour Abbas, Frej warned that the new trend "will bring catastrophe upon us."

"After 72 years of state, to come and form a committee for Arab affairs is something that screams for attention. It's something that sends us back 50 years...Since when do we form committees for ethnic issues? A committee is always formed to deal with issues, such as crime in Arab society."

Regarding whether he would receive a position in a "government of change," Frej said, "Right now this is an imaginary topic. The mandate to form a government has not yet been passed to us."

He added that in his estimation, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu and his supporters have a "50/50" chance of forming a government.

Bennett, Frej said, "does not have the courage to be prime minister. He's not brave enough."

"In order to be prime minister, a leader, you need to be courageous. It doesn't matter what was offered to him, it's the conditions which were created. Right now conditions were created for a government of change led by Bennett and [Yesh Atid Chairman MK Yair] Lapid. In order to form such a thing, there will be painful compromises from my side and from his side. There will also be demands.

"I promise you first of all, let me reach the well. I will also ask for your help to drink from it, but first let me reach it."