Week-old settlement under siege

Residents of Evyatar in the Samaria found themselves facing hostile crowds less than a week after founding their town.


מנכ''ל מועצת יש"ע בגבעת אביתר: "יישר כוח לכם חלוצים"
מנכ''ל מועצת יש"ע בגבעת אביתר: "יישר כוח לכם חלוצים"
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IDF and INP teams have been battling riots in the nascent town of Evyatar since early afternoon.

In the wake of the recent shooting at Tapuah junction, a group of Samaria residents moved into what was once a new settlement named Evyatar and rapidly began to clear land and build various communal areas and private housing.

Evyatar has been destroyed in the past as illegal construction. Community leaders call on the government to provide immediate recognition, support, and security for their efforts.

As the end of Ramadan approached, significant crowds from nearby cities gathered at the foot of the hill to protest the encroachment on their land. Police and IDF deployed significant forces to keep the peace in the area. Peacekeeping forces used tear gas and flashbangs to disperse the crowds.

The IDF has reported that it will begin posting soldiers in Evyatar on a more regular basis, following a situational assessment led by a Brigadier General.