Temple Mount Riots:
Temple Mount closed to Jews as thousands of rioters attack police

Jerusalem Day: Arab rioters hurl stones at bridge from Western Wall to Temple Mount. Police close holy site to Jews.

David Rosenberg , | updated: 11:28 AM

Arab rioters on the Temple Mount
Arab rioters on the Temple Mount
Flash 90

Arab rioters clashed with Israeli police on the Temple Mount Monday morning, as Israel celebrates the 54th anniversary of the liberation of eastern Jerusalem.

Authorities closed the Temple Mount to Jewish visitors early Monday morning, even before the violence began, noting the recent spate of attacks on Jews in and around the Old City of Jerusalem.

Rioters hurled stones and firebombs at Israeli officers, who responded with stun grenades.

A police spokesperson said rioters attacked the Mughrabi Bridge, which links the Western Wall Plaza to the Temple Mount.

“A short time ago, hundreds of rioters began throwing stones at the Mughrabi Bridge. Following this, police commission Yaakov Shabti ordered police forces stationed at the scene to enter the Temple Mount and to push the rioters back, using crowd dispersal methods. Israel Police forces are continuing to operate at the scene.”

Nine police officers were injured in the clashes with Arab rioters, including one officer who was evacuated to a local hospital for treatment.

According to the Red Crescent, 215 Arab rioters were injured, including 80 who were hospitalized, with one person said to be in critical condition.

The Zionist activist group Im Tirtzu blasted the decision to close the Temple Mount to Jewish visitors on Jerusalem Day, calling it a “low point” for the Israeli government.

"This capitulation to terrorism and to the threats of Arab rioters is a low point for the Israeli government. A government that is unwilling to protect its law-abiding citizens rewards the aggressors and paves the way for more violence. It is shameful that today of all days, when we celebrate the liberation of Jerusalem and the Temple Mount, the government is relinquishing its sovereignty over the Temple Mount."