Reserve soldiers ready to enter Lod to bring order

Alexandroni Brigade soldiers on Gaza border: Let the leaders give the right orders and we will destroy the enemy everywhere.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Aviv Kochavi and his deputy Eyal Zamir
Aviv Kochavi and his deputy Eyal Zamir
IDF spokesperson

On the Gaza border, IDF forces are still preparing for a possible ground maneuver against the Hamas and Islamic Jihad terrorists in the Gaza Strip.

Fighters in the elite reserve infantry brigade "Alexandroni", who are training during this period, have expressed a willingness to fight wherever they are needed, and hope that the country's leaders will provide "the right orders."

The veteran soldiers, graduates of the Golani Brigade, expressed their willingness to reinforce the Israel police in the cities which have seen rioting over the past week: "We are ready to enter Lod. Let the leaders give the right orders and we will destroy the enemy everywhere."

Meanwhile, the 'Torat Lehima' organization, which works to promote and maintain the IDF as a victorious Jewish army, supports the operations of Chief of Staff Aviv Kochavi and the bombing of terrorist infrastructure in Gaza, but is calling for the IDF to inflict greater damage on the enemy.

The organization also criticized Defense Minister Gantz's decision not to allow IDF forces to protect Israeli citizens from Arab rioters inside the country: "This is complete hypocrisy on the part of the left. During the deportation from Gush Katif, we saw IDF soldiers activated against Jewish civilians. The current war encompasses Jerusalem, Ramla, Lod, Acre and other cities in Israel, along the Gaza border."

"Whoever does not know how to target the enemy, and eliminate him - will find in the next round [that the enemy] is stronger and more hostile. The air force can and should crush the enemy itself, and IDF soldiers can bring order to the affected cities," the organization added.