Pro-Israel Facebook page flooded with anti-Semitic hate speech

Jerusalem Prayer Team had been hosting a virtual prayer session "for the peace of Jerusalem."

Arutz Sheva Staff ,


One of the largest pro-Israel Facebook pages in the world has been taken down after being flooded with anti-Semitic posts, CBN reports.

The “Jerusalem Prayer Team” site hosts the Jerusalem Prayer Page, one of Facebook’s largest sites on religion in general, with 78 million followers. The owner of the page, Michael Evans II, had been hosting a virtual daily prayer event to “pray for the peace of Jerusalem,” an event which reached a peak of 1 million engagements and 43 million impressions last Thursday. However, of those 1 million engagements, the vast majority were anti-Semitic attacks, and Evans notes that despite Facebook’s claim that it prides itself in not allowing hate speech, it did nothing to halt the avalanche of hate-filled rhetoric.

Among the comments posted were those calling Israel a “dirty pig,” and saying that “Israelis are terrorists” or “criminal racist gangsters.” Others posted pro-Hitler comments such as “I will not kill all the Jews because I will allow a few people to live so that I can understand why I killed the Jews.”

One poster, named Aamir Afzal, posted a photo of Hitler and wrote alongside it, “The Hero We Need ATM (at the moment).” Another person posted a picture of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu standing on the dead body of a child.

“The media throughout the world is buying into the lie” that Israel is to blame for this conflict, Evans wrote on Facebook. “Jerusalem matters,” he writes in another article, linking the conflict to his Christian beliefs and eschatology.