Cellcom under fire for 'coexistence' initiative

The cellular service provider sparked a wave of public backlash after scheduling a one-hour strike as a protest for an end to riots.

Shlomo Witty ,

סלקום TV
סלקום TV
צילום: Lior Mizrahi/Flash90

Cellular provider Cellcom, which also owns Golan Cellular, announced that they would suspend service today for a single hour in a protest for solidarity and coexistence between all facets of Israeli citizenry.

By unfortunate coincidence, this initiative fell out on the same day that the Palestinian Authority had declared a 'day of rage' against Israel. Many citizens believed this to be an intentional sign of support for the Palestinian Authority's position, prompting a wave of public outcry against Cellcom.

From the beginning of the strike, Cellcom reported receiving more than ten thousand requests to change provider every hour. Several regional councils announced that they would discontinue their contracts with Cellcom. The company's shares on the Tel Aviv stock exchange plunged rapidly.

Cellcom later issued a clarification that the strike's date had been entirely coincidental, that they call only for an end to the violent disturbances of the peace seen recently in several cities throughout Israel, and that the company fully supports all actions of Israel's security forces.