PA organizations declare 'day of rage'

National and Islamic forces announce their intention to expand the scope of clashes with IDF forces and "settlers".

Dalit Halevi ,

Arab riots
Arab riots
Israel Police spokesperson

The national and Islamic forces in Ramallah, the supreme coordination framework of the Palestinian Arab organizations, announced on Monday that the “popular resistance” will continue throughout “Palestine”, including confrontations with the "occupation" in the centers of friction, settlement and military checkpoints.

A statement issued at the end of a meeting held in Ramallah said that next Friday will be a “day of rage” to expand the scope of the resistance against the "occupation and its settlers."

The statement stressed the importance of organizing events aimed at boycotting the "occupation" and its goods and participating in condolence calls to the families of Palestinian Arabs who have died at an event to be held on Tuesday at the old police station square in Ramallah.