'Where were you when they tried to kill my family?'

Lod resident Rina Bloch berates Arab MKs for calling riots in Lod 'legitimate protests.'

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Rinat Bloch in the Knesset
Rinat Bloch in the Knesset
Noam Moskowitz/Knesset spokesperson

Lod resident Rina Bloch today attended a heated meeting of the Special Committee on Arab Society Affairs in the Knesset. The meeting descended into a shouting match as participants discussed the recent Arab riots in Lod.

"It is impudence that an entire committee of Arab Knesset members is sitting and saying that the demonstrations and protests in Lod were legitimate and the police are guilty of excessive arrests and force," Bloch told Arutz Sheva following the meeting.

"These were not demonstrations but riots in which they tried to kill Jews. They shot at us, threw Molotov cocktails and stones at us and shouted 'Itbah al-Yahud (slaughter the Jew),'" she said.

During the debate, Bloch called out to former MK Iman Khatib Yasin, "Where were you when they sought to murder me and my family? You will not call for an assassination attempt. You cannot call the attempted murder that my family and I went through a 'legitimate demonstration.'"

Bloch called on the police to reinforce the security forces in Lod, especially this coming Friday, "I do not know how we will get through this coming Friday where a demonstration that Hamas called on Arab residents to take part in is supposed to take place. I am very worried and hope that the police will bring a presence here and we will feel the security returning to the city of Lod."