What is the right time to make Aliyah?

What signs, wonders & signals do we need to see that would provide, without a shadow of a doubt, solid evidence of the time to make Aliyah?

Dr. Sam Minskoff ,

The Olim are here
The Olim are here
Shachar Azran

Dr. Sam Minskoff, a licensed clinical psychologist and aliyah consultant, talks about the ‘‘appropriate time’’ for Jews to make Aliyah (immigrate to Israel).

According to Minskoff, Jews are not moving nearly quick enough in making Aliyah. Instead, Diaspora Jews tend to NOT realize what is going on around them.

Blinded and numbed by fear and the comforts of the exile, the danger of the tragic result remains as it has throughout history - that many Jews in the Diaspora will either perish or disappear.