Will the Joint Arab List oppose the new government?

Senior Joint Arab List official says party divided on whether to support unity government led by MKs Yair Lapid and Naftali Bennett.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

MKs from the Joint Arab List
MKs from the Joint Arab List
Hezki Baruch

A senior official in the Joint Arab List has told Israel Hayom that his party may support the proposed unity government.

According to the official, there is a disagreement within the Joint Arab List regarding whether to support a unity government led by Yesh Atid Chairman MK Yair Lapid and Yamina Chairman MK Naftali Bennett.

The official added that in light of recent talks between Lapid and several Joint Arab List MKs, including its chairman Ayman Odeh, Ahmad Tibi, and MKs from the Hadash and Ta'al parties, the list is not expected to oppose the new government.

However, the list's third partner, the Balad party, opposes a government headed by Bennett.

Under the agreement which unites the factions of the Joint Arab List, the decision whether to support the proposed government must be unanimous, not made by a majority.