Pride Parade: Police detain passers-by with kippahs, long side curls

Police detain people for appearing religious during LGBTQ Pride Parade in Jerusalem,

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Protest against Pride March
Protest against Pride March
Yehonatan Gottleib

Thousands of policemen were deployed throughout Jerusalem to secure the Pride Parade that is took place today. The police detained hundreds of passers-by who wore kippahs or had long side curls.

An undercover policeman who was standing near the Jerusalem City Hall building, about a quarter of an hour's walk from the route of the parade, detained for inspection two boys who did nothing but wear a large kippah and have side curls.

At the Hizma checkpoint at the entrance to Jerusalem, the police increased their efforts and stopped the buses entering the city from the settlements of Binyamin. The police asked all the passengers to present them with an ID card and only after checking the IDs of all the passengers -was the bus was able to travel.

One of the passengers who was on the bus from the town of Ofra in the direction of Jerusalem told Arutz Sheva that after the police checked all the passengers, they got three passengers off the bus to further investigate. The bus continued to travel without them.

Benzi Gopstein, chairman of the Lehavah organization and one of the organizers of the demonstration against the march, said the police were "losing their minds."

"They are pursuing a policy that is typical of the British Mandate Police - as they try to cover up their scorching failure to prevent the murder of the late Shira Banki in 2015. Although the officer on the ground behaved properly and allowed the demonstration to take place, it turns out that the police are unable to not deny the rights of religious Jews. What a disgrace."