Patriotic 'Flag Parade' event in Jerusalem cancelled

Arutz Sheva informed that police refused compromise deal for Flag Parade event in the capital - even in western Jerusalem.

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Hezki Baruch ,

ריקודגלים בירושלים
ריקודגלים בירושלים
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The Flag Parade planned in Jerusalem this Thursday has been cancelled, following a meeting Monday morning between event organizers and police officials at the Russian Compound in the capital.

The event is held annually on Jerusalem Day, marking the liberation of eastern Jerusalem.

Due to the wave of Arab riots and a spate of rocket attacks from the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip, however, this year’s event was postponed.

Organizers rescheduled the event, which had originally been slated for May 10th, to June 10th.

But police urged organizers to nix the parade entirely, claiming that the event could spark renewed Arab riots.

Arutz Sheva has learned that during Monday morning’s meeting between police officials and event organizers, the police department refused to back any compromise arrangement, even one which limited the event to western Jerusalem.

The Zionist activist group Im Tirtzu blasted the decision, calling it part of a “dangerous decline”.

We are saddened by the police's decision to not allow a march with Israeli flags in Israel's capital city. This is a severe mistake by the police that harms democracy and surrenders to terrorism," said Im Tirtzu CEO Matan Peleg.

"The State of Israel needs to stop the dangerous decline that it is experiencing on all fronts. The IDF is restricting navigation exercises in the Negev out of fear; in Jaffa soldiers can't walk in public with their uniforms; residents of mixed Jewish-Arab cities are being called settlers and are being targeted; and in the capital of Israel, terrorist groups are dictating whether or not people can march with Israeli flags. If we don't wake up, there won't be a state left for our children."