Haredi newspaper: 'Decrees of destruction by hostile gov't'

Haredi newspapers slam coalition agreements, claim new government harmful to religion, status quo.

Ben Shaul ,

Yated Ne'eman newspaper
Yated Ne'eman newspaper
Flash 90

Haredi newspapers have warned that the new government will "harm the status quo" on religious issues.

The announcement follows the publication of the coalition agreements between the parties forming the new government.

On Tuesday morning, Hamevaser wrote: "The basic principles were exposed last night, and they include a list of hits to the status quo on issues of religion and state."

Referring to the Draft Law, the paper added: "This is a law which aims to harm the historic standing of yeshiva students. Previously, the Council of Torah Sages fiercely opposed this law."

Yated Ne'eman described the coalition agreements as a "ram of iron which gores at the walls of religion," while a subtitle claimed that "the wheels have evil have begun to move."

Hamodia claimed that "the basic principles threaten what is holy to Israel," and in a subtitle called the Draft Law, requirement to teach the core curriculum, public transportation on Shabbat (the Sabbath), the Western Wall Plan, and other issues "part of the decrees of destruction by a hostile government."

That paper claimed that Yamina chief MK Naftali Bennett's declarations "as if he will promise not to harm the haredim or the religion of Israel are melting and dissolving as if they never were, in face of the papers and documents which are being exposed."