Jordanians who planned to carry out attack in Jerusalem released

The two infiltrated Israel during Operation Guardian of the Walls and planned to attack soldiers.

Elad Benari ,

Hillel Maeir/TPS

Israel has released two Jordanian citizens who were arrested after infiltrating Israel during Operation Guardian of the Walls and planning to carry out an attack on soldiers in Jerusalem.

Sources in Jordan claimed that after intensive contacts, Israeli authorities decided to drop the indictments against the two citizens and release them from detention.

The Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) commented on their release and noted that it was done "as part of the security and political interaction between Israel and Jordan. The two were taken to the security authorities in Jordan, where they will be brought to justice."

The Shin Bet statement outlined the chain of events. "On May 16, two Jordanian citizens who were staying in the area without residence permits were located and arrested by the IDF and the Israel Police in the Gilboa area."

"The two were taken for questioning by the Israel Security Agency. The Jordanians were found in possession of two knives and ropes. An interrogation of the two revealed that they planned to arrive in Jerusalem and carry out a stabbing attack against soldiers in the Al-Aqsa area."

Jordan's foreign ministry two weeks ago summoned the Israeli ambassador in protest at Israel's detention of the two Jordanians.

The Jordanian foreign ministry "stressed the need to allow the Jordanian embassy in Tel Aviv to visit the two nationals as soon as possible, to assess their situation and to provide the necessary support for them in accordance with relevant international laws."

Jordan just recently had summoned the Israeli charge d'affaires of the Israeli embassy in Amman during the Arab violence in eastern Jerusalem.

Throughout the recent 11-day escalation in Gaza, demonstrations were held almost daily in Jordan in solidarity with Palestinian Arabs.

Last Friday, after a ceasefire went into effect, thousands of people demonstrated in Jordan to celebrate the "victory of the resistance" against Israel.