MK Merav Ben Ari concerned over whether government will pass

'We still have a PM who is not wiling to give up and let go, there was a government before Netanyahu and there will be one after Netanyahu,' says Yesh Atid's MK Merav Ben Ari.

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MK Merav Ben Ari
MK Merav Ben Ari
Hezki Baruch

MK Merav Ben Ari (Yesh Atid) has voiced concerns that the proposed government will not be sworn in next week after all.

"First let's get into the government and swear it in," she told 103FM Radio. "On the Right and Left, there are MKs who really want a government, who really believe in it, but who are worried."

"We still have a Prime Minister here who is not willing to give up and let go, unlike in the past. There was a government before [Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu, and there will be one after him as well."

She added that her party had "one goal, and it still is obviously, and that is to replace the government. With us, in every place, in every branch, it says first of all 'the good of the country before our personal good' - and that's not a cliche. We had one goal, [Yesh Atid Chairman MK] Yair [Lapid] had one goal, and we went with it throughout the whole twisting, difficult, and complex journey."

Being concerned about whether the government will be approved, she said, "doesn't mean that this isn't the most important thing that can be."

When asked how long she expects the new government to last, Ben Ari said: "I can't commit to a number of years, but I can say that we have the best group in politics, and we will do everything we can to ensure quiet."