Jake Tapper: Biden administration will see Naftali Bennett as opportunity to 'start fresh'

'Biden opportunity will treat this as opportunity to start fresh,' CNN's Jake Tapper estimates in podcast.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Naftali Bennett
Naftali Bennett
Olivier Fitoussi/FLASH90

CNN analyst Jake Tapper has said that MK Naftali Bennett's (Yamina) term as prime minister may be an opportunity "to start fresh."

Speaking to the "Unholy" podcast, Tapper said: "Naftali Bennett, whatever people think about him and his views, he is not oblivious to politics."

"He understands now that he might, you know, be like Icarus and get too close to the sun, and who knows, but I think there is an opportunity, and I imagine the Biden administration will treat this as an opportunity, to start fresh."

Tapper added: "I don't think it's really been sussed out thoroughly, but I don't sense that there's a lot of love lost between President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu."

"We don't really get too much in terms of details, but it doesn't seem to be a warm and fuzzy relationship."

Regarding anti-Semitism in the US, Tapper said that "as a Jew, I always knew" that there is anti-Semitism both from the Right and from the Left. He added that when he was growing up, there were no security guards at synagogues in the US - that trend began only after September 11, when the Twin Towers were destroyed by Islamic terrorists.