Trump calls Biden's G7 performance 'a little bit frightening to watch'

Former president also slams Biden for ignoring domestic issues while making trillions of dollars in deals that are a "disaster."

Dan Verbin ,

G7 Summit
G7 Summit

Former US President Donald Trump gave President Joe Biden’s performance at the G7 summit two thumbs down.

Trump called his successor’s actions at the global meeting “a little bit frightening to watch, frankly.”

In an interview with journalist Sara Carter on Wednesday, Trump slammed Biden for focusing on international issues to be detriment of important domestic concerns.

“They’re stealing our country. He’s going into deals that are a disaster, costing us trillions of dollars, and we have to rebuild our own bridges and our own roads. He wants to rebuild the world,” Trump said.

He described the Biden administration’s foreign policy as “not a good situation” and “not good for our country.”

Biden is meeting today with Russian President Vladimir Putin “ in Geneva.

Trump called himself “the strongest ever on Russia.”

He added that Democrats created an impossible situation for the US, where making agreements with Russia was hampered “because it was always, 'Russia, Russia, Russia.”

Trump also called Biden's border policy disastrous, especially his order to stop construction of final sections of the border wall which he said has allowed thousands of people to cross the southern border.

"We have little sections of wall where we have openings," said Trump, calling it a "terrible situation."

Trump added, "All they had to do was leave it the way it was. Don't touch anything. It was so good."