The Fast of Tammuz and the Tikkun of Vision

The Ancient Art of Bilaam Finds Modern Expression in Today’s Universities

Rabbi Chaim Richman and Jim Long ,

Tisha B'Av at Western Wall
Tisha B'Av at Western Wall
Flash 90

This week's Torah portion of Balak focuses on the unholy alliance between the Moabite king of that name and Bilaam, the infamous heathen prophet.

In addition to being a great philosopher and humanitarian, Bilaam is an accomplished sorcerer endowed with a unique quality -- his curses always come true. Balak hires Bilaam to curse the Children of Israel, to prevent them from entering into their land.

Why? What had the Israelites done to provoke his ire? Nothing. Just because they exist. G-d turned Bilaam's curses into blessings, but we sure learn a lot from Bilaam's intentions.

Tune in to this week's Jerusalem Lights podcast for Jim Long and Rabbi Chaim Richman's spirited, learned discussion on the man Bilaam, shedding much light on this amazing Torah portion and it's powerful relevance for today's world.