Evyatar residents: "We're not impressed."

Those living in the new town of Evyatar say it will take more than a riot to drive them out.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

צילום: ועד הישוב אביתר

Hundreds of residents of the PA city of Beita have gathered in the valley between Beita and the new city of Evyatar, chanting religious and nationalist slogans and attempting to cross the valley to Evyatar.

IDF and Border Guard detachments have been deployed to defend the city, making extensive use of crowd-control munitions to do so.

Residents of Evyatar comment that they remain unimpressed by the riots. "We have had riots nearly every day for two weeks straight. We are neither scared nor impressed. We will continue to live and build right where we are," one woman commented.

Other residents of the Samaria have poured into the city in a show of solidarity, even starting an impromptu children's party in the city.