Iran: Israel is behind attack on atomic facility

Iran blames Israel for drone attack on Iranian facility used to manufacture uranium centrifuges.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

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The Iranian government has accused Israel of carrying out the drone attack on an Iranian nuclear facility last month.

Ali Rabiei, a spokesman for the Iranian government, said Tuesday afternoon that Israel was behind the June 23rd drone attack on an Atomic Energy Organization of Iran building in the city of Karaj.

“The Zionist regime carried out this action in order to signal that it is capable of stopping Iran and to say that there is no need to speak with Iran, but every time we’ve been attacked, our strength has only increased,” Rabiei said.

The facility, which is used to manufacture uranium centrifuges, was targeted by an unmanned aircraft during the attack, which Iran initially claimed caused no damage or casualties.

At Tuesday’s press conference, however, Rabiei admitted that the attack did cause damage to the building, but downplayed the extent of the damage, claiming that the equipment inside was not hit. He also pushed back on claims, citing satellite photographs of the building showing a massive hole in the roof, that the building suffered serious damage.

"We have had no damage to equipment. There was small damage to a roof and the pictures were taken when the roof was removed for repairs,” Rabiei said.