Trump announces class action lawsuits against CEOs of Facebook, Twitter, Google

Suits to demand Trump's social media accounts be restored, 'punitive damages.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

President Trump
President Trump

Former US President Trump on Wednesday announced that he is the lead plaintiff in class action lawsuits against the CEOs of social media giants Facebook, Twitter and Google, for unfairly banning him from their platforms, Axios reported.

Trump said at a press conference that he is the lead plaintiff in the suits being filed with the Southern District of Florida and demanding immediate injunctive relief for the prompt restoration of his social media accounts.

Trump also said he is asking the court to impose "punitive damages" on the companies.

Axios noted that the class action lawsuits would enable Trump to sue the companies on behalf of others who were also censored by the companies.

Facebook banned Trump from its platform in the wake of the riots on the US Capitol on January 6 and then referred its decision to the independent Oversight Board, a panel of experts and civic leaders from around the world that was established last year.

The Oversight Board last month upheld the suspension of Trump, but also said Facebook should determine a "proportionate response" that is consistent with rules applied to other users of the platform.

Twitter also shut down Trump’s account following the Capitol riots and later approved a permanent ban on the former President.

Twitter and Facebook were the first of many companies to take action against Trump, and were followed by Google which suspended Trump's YouTube channel, Reddit which banned some pro-Trump forums, and Snapchat, which permanently banned Trump’s account on the day he left office.