'In a matter of months, Biden brought our country to the brink of ruin'

Donald Trump speaks at CPAC 2021 gathering in Dallas, promises to defeat "radical left, socialists, Marxists and the critical race theorists."

Arutz Sheva Staff , | updated: 2:01 AM

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Former US President Donald Trump spoke on Sunday at the CPAC 2021 gathering in Dallas, Texas.

"With the help of everyone here today, we will defeat the radical left, the socialists, Marxists and the critical race theorists," Trump began. "We will secure our borders, we will stop left wing cancel culture, we will restore free speech and free elections and we will make America great again."

“You will never stop fighting for me, and I will never ever stop fighting for you…I promise.”

Trump added that "the people in this room have been some of the staunchest and fiercest supporters" of "the greatest political movement in the history of our country."

Trump attacked President Joe Biden, saying, “In a matter of mere months, Joe Biden brought our country to the brink of ruin.”

The former President was particularly critical of his successor’s handling of the border.

"We deported criminal aliens by the thousands ... and we built almost 500 miles of the border wall," Trump said. "Now the Biden administration has turned the border into the single greatest disaster in American history."

He again asserted that he won the 2020 presidential election, referring to it as “the rigged election”.

"You say election fraud, you get cancelled," Trump said. "Unfortunately this was an election where the person that counts the vote was far more important than the candidate. It's a disgrace to our nation and we are truly being scorned and disrespected all over the world."

The former President also mentioned his lawsuit against big tech companies over claims of censorship of conservatives on their platforms.

"They are hard at work to abolish the First Amendment as well," Trump said. "The radical left and big tech's attack on free speech is unlawful, it's unconstitutional and it is completely unamerican."

"To protect the Constitutional rights and liberties of every citizen this week I filed a major class action. A lot of people are joining," he added.

Trump also mentioned the investigation into alleged collision between his 2016 campaign and Russia and the battle over Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation. He doubled down on his attacks against former Attorney General Bill Barr on those topics.

"I'm very disappointed that Bill Barr was unable to hold anyone accountable for the countless abuses of power by the Democrats," Trump said. "He didn't hold the corrupt officials who spied on our campaign... not the authors of the phony dossier... not the women who slandered and lied and defamed Brett Kavanaugh... not any of the numerous criminal referrals for lying to Congress over and over again, not any of the illegal leakers."

"The Democrats are vicious to the Supreme Court and to Kavanaugh," Trump added, regarding court-packing calls and threats to impeach Kavanaugh. "They are playing the ref."

"We're getting some unexpected rulings because the nine justices do not want to be packed. And the Democrats are in a position to pack the court and they don't want to be packed," the former President said.

Trump also spoke at the Conservative Political Action Conference this past February. In that speech, Trump teased a 2024 run, and said of the Democrats, "Actually, as you know they just lost the White House...who knows, I may even decide to beat them for a third time."