English as an International language

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English as an International language
English as an International language
צילום: יח"צ

Now in its fifth year, the program is distinct for its focus on multiculturalism, diversity, inclusion, globalization and 21st Century innovative pedagogies which lead to professional empowerment and international collaboration. The program offers a broad range of courses in educational linguistics, literature and digital tools for teaching English, with a commitment to individual attention from faculty unrivaled in their dedication to students and the profession.

Studies are held Wednesdays for a total of three semesters.

We pride ourselves in recruiting students from a wide spectrum of Israeli society with teaching experience ranging from 3-30 years and offer a unique environment grounded on mutual respect and peer collaboration.

What will an M.Ed. in English do for your career?

In addition to improving your teaching skills and involvement in collaborative projects with English teachers from other colleges in Israel and abroad, graduates have taken their knowledge and experience in the program to become agents of change in their schools, to advance professionally to leadership roles and to develop innovative international projects.


Prof. Joel Walters (Applied Linguistics/ Bilingualism/ Sociolinguistics)

Dr. Elaine Hoter (award-winning educator in the field of digital pedagogy and collaborative learning)

Dr. Melodie Rosenfeld (Creative Writing, Individualized Instruction, Literacy Development, Dyslexia and Special Needs in EFL)

Dr. Sveta Fichman (Applied Linguistics, Speaking Fluency, Narrative abilities)

Dr. Jen Sundick (Immigrant Voices, Diaspora Literature)

We also invite international and Israeli experts in EFL/Multilingualism/English as an International Language to speak and interact with students in the program.

Admission requirements

1. B.A. or B.Ed. in English or related field
2.Teacher's License/Teacher's Certificate recognized by the Ministry of Education
3. 3 years of experience teaching EFL
4. Personal Interview

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Tel: 1800-071-500
e-Mail: rishum@talpiot.ac.il

TALPIOT – Education for Anglos teaching English in Israel
צילום: יח"צ