Violence at hilltop community in Samaria

Resident of Kumi Ori, near Yitzhar, claims he was violently attacked by officers when he tried to document them confronting another resident.

Ido Ben Porat ,

Injured protester
Injured protester
Kumi Ori

Two residents of the hilltop town of Kumi Ori in Samaria were lightly injured in a violent incident involving police officers on Tuesday evening, and were treated by a Magen David Adom team.

According to residents of the town, a civilian who came to the scene to document the police siege of the hill was violently attacked by Border Police officers who prevented him from documenting the attack.

The Border Police said its fighters were attacked by residents after demanding one of them leave the place. One of the fighters threw a stun grenade after he said he felt his life was in danger.

Aharon Gozlan, a resident of Kumi Ori who was on his way to the synagogue on the hill, came to document the incident, but the police began to attack him as well, laid him on the floor, pinned their rifle to his chest and threatened him not to dare get up from the floor. Magen David Adom paramedics arrived on the scene and provided Gozlan with medical treatment, after which it will be decided whether to evacuate him to the hospital.

Gozlan said, "I went to the synagogue on the hill for evening prayers and suddenly I heard shouts of 'I am being attacked.'"

"I rushed to the place to document the incident, and suddenly a Border Policeman jumped on me and pushed me to the floor while attaching the rifle to my chest and threatening me not to dare to get up from the floor. I asked him to stop attacking me, and that if I committed an offense he should arrest me, but he would not stop hitting me. The police's harassment of the hill is borderless and disproportionate," he added.

Following the attack, dozens of residents of nearby Yitzhar arrived at the scene and protested against the violence.

The town of Yitzhar said, "We call on the Police Investigations Department to investigate as soon as possible the serious allegations of police violence in Kumi Ori. The general's order imposed on the hill should have been removed a long time ago and the sooner the better."