Historic: Haredi soldier takes command of Negev Company

Shmuel Kirsch, a soldier from a prominent Chabad rabbinic family, becomes the first haredi commander of the Negev Company.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

המ"פ החב"דניק החדש (שני משמאל)
המ"פ החב"דניק החדש (שני משמאל)
צילום: דוברות נצח יהודה

History in the Negev Battalion at the Nevatim Air Force Base: First Lieutenant Shmuel Kirsch today officially took up his position as a company commander in the Negev Company, Kirsch is the first company commander to emerge within the company.

Kirsch's promotion is historic because he is a haredi Jew and a member of the Chabad hasidic movement. He comes from a prominent rabbinic family in the community.

The Negev Company is an operational company that deals with the preservation of the strategic assets of the State of Israel, including the F-35 aircraft.

During their service, soldiers who grew up in the haredi education system are able to complete their matriculation studies.

The heads of the Netzach Yehuda Association participated today (Wednesday) in the exchange ceremony and accompanied Kirsch in his entry into the new position as Commander of the Negev Company.

Rabbi Yitzchak Bar-Haim, founder of Netzach Yehuda said, "This is an exciting and historic day for the Negev Company and the entire haredi service in the IDF. On such a day, my hope is that in the coming years we will see more and more haredi who have grown up in the various units, advancing in the ranks and fulfilling senior command positions."