Golani Brigade ready for war in Lebanon

IDF readies soldiers for the next war with a more powerful Hezbollah in Lebanon.

Ido Ben Porat ,

IDF Spokesperson

This week, the Golani Brigade was declared the IDF unit most ready for the outbreak of a war in Lebanon.

The declaration follows a year and two months of preparations with the Northern Command, which examined all the IDF soldiers from the infantry, armored, and engineering battalions in terms of their readiness for the next war in Lebanon.

The preparations included the most accurate simulations of war in the northern arena and puts the combat teams in extreme situations against the Hezbollah terrorist organization - which has grown in power since the Second Lebanon War, and has even more aggressive operations and plans than it did in 2006.

Lt. Col. A., who commanded the Golani Brigade until last week, told Arutz Sheva: "In the past year, in addition to the process of preparing for war on all fronts, with an emphasis on the north, the unit operated in the various sectors as part of operational, covert and special activity while combining the unit's broad toolbox, which includes advanced technology and the high capabilities of the soldiers."

"This combination of very high readiness for war, as the examiner's results show, together with special operational activity, is what makes the Golani Brigade unique and a leading elite unit," added Lt. Col. A.