Far fewer haredi COVID patients in current wave

High vaccination rates, number of people who have already recovered, and adherence to guidelines keep infections down, health ministry says.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

haredi man gets vaccinated
haredi man gets vaccinated
Yonatan Sindel/Flash90

Morbidity in the haredi community was particularly high compared to the rest of the population during the first three waves of the coronavirus, but is much lower during the current wave.

According to data published by the Health Ministry, three percent of all coronavirus patients in the current wave are from the haredi community, compared to 91% who are from the general population, Yediot Aharonot reported.

"A lot of people in haredi society are recovering or vaccinated," explains Dr. Menachem Bitan, the medical director of the Jerusalem District at the United Health Insurance Fund. "We managed in direct dialogue with the heads of the hasidic movements to convince them of the importance of vaccines, we saw that they came to be vaccinated, and a high percentage of haredim are vaccinated, equal to the rest of the population. Now the rate of those who have recovered in this sector is much higher, - so the percentage of people who have natural protection is higher."

Avi Blumenthal, director of the Health Ministry's information headquarters for the haredi sector, adds: "In the yeshiva world, there are already more than 35% who have recovered, and when you add those who were infected but were not diagnosed, we estimate that that number is 40%, along with another similar number of yeshiva students who have been vaccinated. In addition, because of the mourning period which ended only last week, there were three weeks in which there were no public events and gatherings in the sector, and these, as is well known, are the major spreader events."