Preschoolers get COVID after sick worker ordered to show up

Preschool short on workers tells teenage employee to show up for work, despite having COVID symptoms.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

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An outbreak of the coronavirus was reported at a preschool in central Israel, after an employee who experienced symptoms of the virus was told to report to work despite her illness.

According to a report by Channel 13 Sunday, the outbreak occurred at a private preschool in the central Israeli city of Givatayim, east of Tel Aviv.

A total of three employees (not including the first infected worker) and five children tested positive for the coronavirus after a 17-year-old assistant was instructed to show up for work, even though she reported being ill and having symptoms of the coronavirus.

The 17-year-old assistant was called in to work last week by the preschool’s manager, who was out on vacation, because no other staff members were able to cover for the assistant.

A parent of one of the children in the preschool who overheard a conversation between the preschool teacher in charge at the time and the sick assistant said the teacher refused to let the ill worker return home.