Health Min.: 'No way to avoid capsules in school'

Education Ministry's plan for new school year is 'too little, and it will be too late,' Health Ministry officials say.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Students (illustrative)
Students (illustrative)

Senior Health Ministry officials have slammed the plan for the new school year, saying it does not do enough to ensure students' health and safety, Maariv reported.

Education Minister Yifat Shasha-Biton (New Hope) has claimed that the plan was formulated in coordination with the Health Ministry.

Maariv quoted a senior Health Ministry official as saying that it is "too little, and it will be too late."

"There is no way to avoid capsules, and we must not shorten the quarantine period. All of the professionals around the world understood that shortening quarantine is a dangerous thing to do, and even more so within schools, which may turn in one moment into mass infection sites, on a regional scale."

Researchers have suggested that social activities, sports, and classes be held outside as much as possible, and that programs be implemented to identify and help heal the academic, mental, and social issues caused by the lockdowns and quarantines, Maariv added.

On Monday, Shasha-Biton expressed opposition to a proposal which would allow students to receive coronavirus vaccines in school similar to how the standard first- and second-grade vaccines are already administered.

"The role of the education system is to educate," she said, insisting that schools should not be a place for "vaccination parties."