Netanyahu's war on Elkin and Sa'ar

Likud secretariat to approve decision preventing people who left the party from returning to its ranks for the next eight years.

Hezki Baruch ,

Sa'ar and Elkin
Sa'ar and Elkin
Gershon Ellinson/Flash 90

The Likud secretariat will next week approve a draft resolution that will prevent people who left the party from returning to the ranks of the movement for the next eight years.

The move is intended to prevent New Hope members Gideon Sa'ar, Ze'ev Elkin, Sharren Haskel and Michal Shir from running in the Likud in the future.

Senior members of the party, including MK Miki Zohar, MK Nir Barkat, MK Yisrael Katz and others, demanded that the decision be promoted for fear that after the Netanyahu era, the members of New Hope will try to return to the Likud.

Justice Minister Gideon Sa'ar said earlier this week that he is determined to pass a law that would prevent a criminal defendant from serving as Prime Minister.

When asked by Arutz Sheva whether the law is intended to get revenge on the Likud and on Netanyahu, Sa'ar replied, "I am receiving a lot of messages from ordinary Likud members and Likud MKs who are in office today and express support for my law. I will remind that Likud members have supported this law in the past. The whole matter of revenge is nonsense."

"The Likud attacks will not weaken me, I am determined to bring the laws. We are headed toward a better era," Sa'ar added.