Plane crash victims from Ukraine to be buried before Shabbat

The bodies of three victims of a small plane crash in Ukraine will be brought for burial in England on a special flight before Shabbat.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

תאונת מטוס, ארכיון
תאונת מטוס, ארכיון
צילום: איסטוק

The bodies of the three victims of the plane crash in Ukraine will depart from Kiev for burial in England and the United States on specially arranged flights before Shabbat.

The plane with the late Hershey Weiss from London will land today (Friday) around 17:30 (local time) in England. The plane with the coffins of the late Amram Promovich from Monsey, and the late Eliezer Brill from Williamsburg will land later in the day In the United States.

Haim Weingarten of ZAKA said, "After much effort by the ZAKA International Unit, we have secured approval for the release of the bodies of the three yeshiva students who were killed in the plane crash in Ukraine without an autopsy."

The bodies of the dead are being transported from Kiev to London by private flight and from there two of them will be flown in a commercial plane to the United States. The flights were made possible by the intervention of Eli Rowe, CEO of Hazolah Air, who arranged to fly the victims to burial as fast as possible.

Rabbi Yosef Asman, a Chabad emissary in Kiev and a representative of ZAKA in Ukraine, who managed the incident, said, "My heart is broken. Three young men were robbed of their lives. We share the grief of the families and send our condolences."