Firefighter collapses and dies of heart attack while putting out fire

Sergeant Timor Kablan, 36, dispatched to put out brush fire in northern Israel - and collapses after a short time at the scene.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Jerusalem fire truck
Jerusalem fire truck
Hezki Ezra

Sergeant Timor Kablan, a 36-year-old firefighter at the Galil Golan station who was called to put out a brush fire today, Wednesday, collapsed - and died shortly afterwards.

He was rushed to Ziv Medical Center in Tzfat after collapsing at the scene - and his death was determined after unsuccessful resuscitation operations.

The cause of its collapse is not yet clear. It is being investigated whether it occurred as a result of smoke inhalation.

Sergeant Timor Kablan leaves behind parents, a wife and three children.