Alfei Menashe evacuated after massive fire breaks out

Firefighting planes deployed to help contain blaze outside of Alfei Menashe in Samaria, as residents evacuate.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

מאמצי הכיבוי ליד אלפי מנשה
מאמצי הכיבוי ליד אלפי מנשה
צילום: כב"ה יו"ש

Residents of an Israeli town in western Samaria were evacuated Sunday afternoon, after a massive fire was reported on the outskirts of town.

Firefighting units were deployed Sunday to combat the blaze just outside of the town of Alfei Menashe, with four firefighting aircraft dispatched to aid the ground teams.

Authorities say the fire is nearing the edge of the town, threatening one neighborhood in the community of roughly 8,000.

“Over the past hour, firefighters and volunteers have been dealing with a fire surrounding the town of Alfei Menashe,” said fire chief Ofir Levy. “The fire is moving rapidly, aided by strong winds in the area and difficult terrain.”