Watch live: Selichot prayers in the Yemenites' Village in Jerusalem

Ateret Cohanim holds Selichot prayers in the old synagogue in the Kfar Hateimanim-Kfar Hashiloach neighborhood in Jerusalem.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

The Kfar Hateimanim synagogue
The Kfar Hateimanim synagogue
Ateret Cohanim

Eighty-three years after the Jews of Yemen were expelled from their homes, a moving event took place in the old synagogue in Jerusalem's Kgfar Hateimanim-Kfar Hashiloach neighborhood.

At the event, shofars (ram's horns) were blown, and the traditional Selichot prayers were said.

Attending the event was World Zionist Organization Chairman Yaakov Hagoel, members of Knesset, and other public figures.