Biden to Jewish leaders: Bennett is a gentleman, more conservative than me

President Joe Biden, speaking to Jewish leaders during the White House High Holy Days call, wishes the Jewish community a Shana Tova.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

President Joe Biden
President Joe Biden

President Joe Biden, speaking to Jewish leaders during the official White House High Holy Days online call, spoke about his first meeting with Prime Minister Naftali Bennett last week.

“He's a gentleman. We talked about how he has much more conservative views on matters in the Middle East than I do but he knows, as he pointed out, that I’ve met every single Prime Minister since Golda Meir.”

Biden recalled meeting Prime Minister Golda Meir after the Yom Kippur War.

“She said, ‘Senator, you look so somber.’ Without looking at her I said, ‘I”m very worried based on what you just told me.’ She said, ‘Don’t worry. We Jews have a secret weapon.’ And I turned and looked at her. And she said, ‘We have no place else to go.’”

Biden continued: “The truth of the matter is, it’s probably true but it’s so sad. And we have to continue to… maintain those deep bonds that started at the birth of the Jewish State. A bond I had the honor of renewing with Prime Minister Bennett at the White House last week.”

Biden added: “The challenges before us are monumental. But if Jewish history and tradition teaches us anything it’s the resilient belief in the promise of tomorrow. Even after the worst destruction and pain, the Jewish people have recovered and rebuilt and emerged stronger than before. And so must we.”

Biden then wished the Jewish community a happy new year.

“May G-d inscribe each of us in the Book of Life. And I hope you all have a happy and healthy and sweet New Year. Shana Tova.”