AOC and the squad’s Type-A anti-Semitism

A pogrom in the American House of Representatives. Op-ed.

Jack Engelhard ,

Defensive warfare: Iron Dome
Defensive warfare: Iron Dome
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A pogrom in the House?

Who knew that the debate over re-funding Israel’s Iron Dome would turn out to be a gut-wrenching emotional experience?

Who knew there’d be a debate at all?

Usually, these things are automatic. When it comes to partnering with our greatest ally in the region on matters of security, it’s a done deal.

Israel’s security is thereby buttressed as well as ours.

The Iron Dome, which was designed in Israel, by the way, is likewise being used by the United States as a proven way to thwart incoming rockets and missiles.

So why the tears?

Like baseball, there’s no crying in the House of Representatives. Never used to be. Not supposed to be. Or so we thought.

Along comes Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez to shed bitter tears after the measure was finally passed in Israel’s favor, as if it’s personal.

Obviously, it is.

For some people, it keeps them up at night, feeling miserable, the thought of Jews living happily and safely in their own land.

Whatever is good for the Jewish people, is bad for them, and ruins their day.

This is not your ordinary or casual country-club Jew-hatred. This is the real deal. This is Type-A, hi-octane anti-Semitism.

This is pogrom, Vichy, Wannsee Conference Judeophobia.

So AOC cried when the bill passed, 420-9...We all knew someone like that in high school…the brat who knew how to call attention to herself by staging a tantrum.
Many of us lived through that, so we know the sound, the taste and the smell.

So AOC cried when the bill passed, 420-9, after she failed to swing enough House Dems to her side to scuttle the measure. She needed to be consoled. Poor baby.

We all knew someone like that in high school…the brat who knew how to call attention to herself by staging a tantrum.

No doubt AOC was soothed by some other members of the squad, the likes of Rashida Tlaib (D-Ramallah) and Ilhan Omar (D-Somalia) who must have assured her it ain’t over.

“Don’t worry. We’ll get ‘em next time.”

They surely consider this a trial-run…and they nearly got it to work. They got Israel stymied the first time around the House.

They lost round two, but proved that they mean business.

That is something to consider, as a warning, if you care for the well-being of Israel, and the United States…as prophesied in this fact-filled thriller that focuses on the clash of civilizations that’s been changing America as more arrivals from the Third World take seats in the United States Congress.

There are more votes to come, and these squad sisters are young, and they are being replenished by like-minded socialist/progressives.

There’s more coming with a grudge like these Mean Girls, especially from Muslim countries, and they too may be counted on to legislate from one-track minds.

There’s some comfort that we’ve got them crying.

Let’s keep it that way.

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