News Briefs

News Briefs

  • 2:07 PM

    The IEC estimates: another electricity usage record surpassed today

  • 1:53 PM

    Hezbollah: Not your everyday terror militia

  • 1:49 PM

    Israeli delegation travels to Sudan

  • 1:43 PM

    Police data: 756 farmers victim to agricultural crime in 2021

  • 1:41 PM

    Coalition chairwoman accidentally votes from other MK's computer

  • 1:08 PM

    Elderly man suspected of sexual abuse is arrested

  • 12:57 PM

    Israeli delegation recently landed in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan.

  • 12:50 PM

    Study: Vaccine may reduce cases of 'long COVID'

  • 12:32 PM

    Fireworks and machine gun bullets seized last night in Anata

  • 12:17 PM

    Ed Schoenfeld, Jewish restaurateur, dies at 72

  • 12:02 PM

    3 years imprisonment for technician aiding detainees escape restraint

  • 11:56 AM

    Name of person killed in accident near Mesubim interchange published

  • 11:49 AM

    Israel to end Green Pass?

  • 11:46 AM

    Rabbi Eli Ben Dahan to be chairman of the Jerusalem Religious Council

  • 11:43 AM

    Car accident near Ofra: 7 injured

  • 11:36 AM

    Road 60: Heavy traffic due to a car accident at Assaf Junction

  • 11:35 AM

    26-year-old caught driving at 203 km an hour

  • 11:32 AM

    71,593 new corona cases over the last day

  • 11:28 AM

    Pfizer CEO receives Genesis Prize of $1 Million

  • 11:18 AM

    MK David Bitan, who is accused of bribery, appears in court

  • 11:17 AM

    Necklace stolen from Olympic medalist's bag is found

  • 10:54 AM

    Biden's First Year: Support for Democrats falls to lowest level since 1990s

  • 10:51 AM

    Beilinson Hospital: 38 corona patients in critical condition

  • 10:49 AM

    MK Strock in the Knesset Committee: I fear for the peace of the Negev

  • 10:48 AM

    President meets Families of Victims of Meron Disaster Committee

  • 10:43 AM

    MK Gila Gamliel tests positive for corona

  • 10:29 AM

    Prof. Eran Segal: Corona test outline misleads credibility

  • 10:07 AM

    Health Min. official: 'We might be able to cancel quarantine for children'

  • 10:05 AM

    Pipe bomb explodes in stairwell of a building in Holon

  • 9:58 AM

    About 30 cm of snow piled up on the lower level of the Hermon site

  • 9:50 AM

    Photo from car explosion in Ness Ziona

  • 9:48 AM

    PM considering plan to massively curb quarantines for kids

  • 9:48 AM

    From Rephidim to Colleyville:- why do they hate us?

  • 9:46 AM

    Car exploses occured on Keren Kayemet Le-Israel Street in Ness Ziona

  • 9:29 AM

    Leading haredi rabbi: Father can report child's abuse to police

  • 9:20 AM

    Lieberman and Tropper agree on an aid package for cultural industry

  • 9:10 AM

    Police evict residents of illegal structures in Sheikh Jarrah

  • 8:48 AM

    Poll shows major shift in Knesset if Netanyahu resigns

  • 8:43 AM

    Jerusalem Mayor Moshe Leon tests positive for corona

  • 8:40 AM

    Police have located the Olympic necklace stolen from Linoy Ashram

  • 8:27 AM

    Jlem resident arrested on suspicion of committing sexual offenses

  • 8:25 AM

    Weather Forecast: Rain in the north and center, snow on Mount Hermon

  • 8:14 AM

    The broken circuit in the Electricity Law

  • 8:07 AM

    Biden admin officials talk synagogue security with Jewish groups

  • 8:04 AM

    Corona in India: 282,970 new infections in the last day

  • 7:52 AM

    Assuta Hospital CEO Ashdod: 45 verified corona patients

  • 7:49 AM

    Watch: Snow accumulates in Golan Heights

  • 7:48 AM

    The Sea of Galilee level rose a centimeter and a half since yesterday

  • 7:45 AM

    Nearly two dozen educators attend intensive Holocaust program

  • 7:42 AM

    Together against hate

  • 7:41 AM

    Together against hate

  • 7:38 AM

    School canceled in northern Golan Heights due to snow

  • 7:27 AM

    Remebering Rabbi Dr. Avraham J. Twerski on his first yahrzeit

  • 7:22 AM

    Footage: Snow on Ein Zivan in the Golan Heights

  • 7:06 AM

    Record number of US retirees relocate to Israel in 2021

  • 6:52 AM

    Texas synagogue hostage: 'The attacker bought into dangerous stories about Jews'

  • 6:29 AM

    Norwegian mass murderer gives Nazi salute

  • 6:10 AM

    Erdogan: Herzog could visit Turkey soon

  • 6:09 AM

    Pfizer CEO is the recipient of the Genesis Prize for 2022

  • 5:56 AM

    Watch: IDF Education Force band sends love to Texas synagogue