Amr Moussa
Amr Moussa Israel news photo: Flash 90

Arab League nations are lobbying the United States and other Western powers to end Israel's nuclear ambiguity, according to the Associated Press. League members are hoping to get support at a September meeting of the International Atomic Energy Agency.

The campaign to pressure Israel has continued despite a warning issued by US President Barack Obama in July. Obama stated that a planned 2012 Middle East nuclear conference would take place “only if all countries feel confident that they can attend,” and warned that any attempt to single out Israel could lead to the conference's cancellation.

The 2012 conference is to center on a proposed Middle East nuclear-free zone.

The Associated Press has reportedly received a copy of a letter signed by Arab League head Amr Moussa calling on recipients to back an Arab League resolution that will be submitted at the IAEA meeting next month. The resolution expresses “concern” over Israel's alleged nuclear weapons program, and calls on Israel to allow international inspectors to tour its nuclear facilities.

It also calls on Israel to join the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty.

Many analysts see renewed Arab League pressure on Israel over its policy of nuclear ambiguity as an attempt to divert attention from Iran. Israel has called on the world to stop Iran, whose leaders support global terrorism and have threatened to annihilate the Jewish state, from obtaining nuclear weapons. The Arab League, they say, hopes to make the divulgence of Israel's nuclear secrets a condition for receiving help on pressuring Iran.

While the Arab League has been unsuccessful in convincing the US and European nations to join its campaign, it has seen some support at the United Nations. A UN resolution passed in May called for a nuclear-free Middle East and singled out Israel for criticism, while ignoring Iran.

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