Arab youths with Israeli citizenship met in the Arab city of Ramallah with Arabs from the Palestinian Authority in order to plan steps for advancing the idea of an Arab “right of return.”

The “right of return” refers to a plan to flood Israel with Arabs who are the descendants, mostly third generation, of the Arabs who left Israel in 1948 and who still call themselves refugees. Most of these Arabs departed in expectation that the newly declared Jewish state would soon be overrun by Arab armies and its Jewish population massacred.
The meeting was reported by London-based Arab newspaper Al Hayat, and the report was monitored and disseminated by MEMRI.
The delegations from Israel and the PLO-run authority discussed, among other ideas, projects for rebuilding illegally-constructed structures that were razed by Israeli enforcement authorities in different parts of Israel. 
In addition, they used the meeting to raise funds for Israeli Arab families in Lod whose homes had been destroyed because they were illegally built. Israel has recently announced a project of enforcing the law in Lod, which Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said was turning into a Wild West.
They also discussed various “diplomatic matters.” The sides, one of which represents the future generation of Arabs with Israeli citizenship living within 1949 Armistice lines, agreed on an approach that rejects the two state concept and favors flooding the Galilee, the coastal plain and the Negev with millions of Arab “refugees.”
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